‍Warm spaces as a vehicle for action

22nd March

Warm spaces across the country offer warmth and hospitality for people who are looking for connection, safety and a sense of belonging. Through our campaign we would like to empower Warm Welcome Spaces to become agents of change and catalysts for public action.
‍The third and final session is “Warm spaces as a vehicle for action”. We are defined not by our words but by our actions. This session will teach techniques and strategies to move from listening to concrete action. This session will cover how we transform stories into winnable outcomes and develop those involved along the way.
The Warm Welcome training is an opportunity for you to learn the basics of community organising and how this craft can transform people and communities to effect change on a local and national level.
‍All events are free. Please use the links to sign up for training and drop in sessions.

22nd March 12-1 CO training session
27th March 12-1 Generic WW Drop-in