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If you want some sad slice-of-life, watch Clannad, or Angel Beats or something. I wish I had more space to explore the childhood friend’s arc – my word count is already high – so a quick note, since it’s worth mention. The anime is interesting and entertaining to watch. I feared another Clannad. The spectre of his mother leering over his shoulder during a performance conveys all we need to know in a single image. 100% Free and No Sign-Up Required. And it is a tasty anime snack. Seriously? Music accompanies the path of the human metronome, the prodigious pianist Kousei Arima. WHAT HAPPENED TO CONSEQUENCES??? The latter Kaori is the real human, an imperfect girl struggling with her own despair while always keeping a smiling visage up for others. Your Lie in April has one of anime’s greatest character arcs in its multi-layered protagonist, but the love interest, who should by all right be his match in quality, doesn’t leave his shadow. Along the way Kousei learns the secret to playing music, which is to suck it up and play music. I think it looks more spoiler-y if you already know what happens. LOL! The motion can be pretty rough and there are obvious attempts to save on budget by cutting to crudely-drawn chibi "humor" every time anything remotely interesting happens so that they don't have to animate another five seconds of tears running down someone's face. Your Lie In April is a musical anime series with an emotional twist. Good job I guess. ===========================================================. Download Good Background: Your Lie In April Wallpaper, Amazing Your Lie wallpaper for your desktop, mobile phone and table. Naoshi Arakawa's Your Lie in April is a finely crafted work that will draw a steady stream of emotion from the barren crust of a calcified heart. It's fucking retarded if your whole anime is focused on one fucking girl and you just kill her off in the end in a sad attempt to grab some feels of your Moe fanbase. The problem dwells in the two-way exchange. It's not like they even made a new scene they re-use the same scene almost everytime. Our main cast consists of big booty bitch and beta boy. And in case you haven't figured it out yet by canales she means dick. ), Awards: (hover over each award to see descriptions; click award for more recipients). Honestly, this show had promise for the first couple episodes. It’s one that I won’t forget for a long time. And the violin didn't even fit in well. I know her liveliness is to juxtapose his introduction – the episode is titled ‘Monotone/Colourful’ after all – but this is so whimsical that a flock of tweety birds now serenade me awake every morning and bring me my slippers. Your Lie In April is an amazing anime with a realistic storyline. 6: The music in his actual play. It is a tearjerker, but it's actually a well-balanced work of humor, drama, and romance. Now, if the illness made her bitter or some such, then we’d be talking. And as if that wasn't enough, the plot decided to drive itself into the ground with the most contrived events to ensure that it could set the audience up for MAXIMUM FEELS. Along with Kousei’s two close childhood friends, the story unfolds as a particularly touching coming-of-age tale of romance and dreams, and the premise is established quite early that the story will unfold Kousei’s growth from troubled child to master pianist. Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. But after several requests for review, it was time to step up. The violin she holds in her arms has We're half a year further and tombitch still hasn't made a move. But he can't. From the popular anime series 'Your lie in April' comes a 1/8th scale figure of Kaori Miyazono. The storyline was cliched, and you already know what is going to happen halfway through the series. Foiling him is the surrealist Kaori, a vibrant violinist striving to make every moment of her life count as if it were her last. From the popular anime series 'Your lie in April' comes a rerelease of the 1/8th scale figure of Kaori Miyazono. Really good music. "The stars shine over your head. So I decided to put myself through the emotional wringer all over again to give you a list of the top five saddest moments of 'Your Lie in April'. RE EDIT: WARNING AFTER THIS PART THERE'S GOING TO BE A FUCKTON OF SPOILERS, DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED OR DON'T WANT TO. If you have depression, anxiety, etc or have problems with Traumatizing experiences or Recent Deaths I would stay away! Jun 7, 2019 - From the popular anime series 'Your lie in April' comes a 1/8th scale figure of Kaori Miyazono. That's about all I can say about them. Her main purpose is to be Kousei’s opposite as she brings him back to life, which she does excellently. Piano and violin? Writing such a contrasted character duality into a story is an enormously difficult feat, but the authors pull it off here with fantastic success – it allows for an incredibly authentic side of Kousei to be displayed that all young boys struggle with on their path to adulthood. For supposedly the best pianist in Japan she has a hell of a lot of free time. Or if you're just watching for the grills I recommend you to "insert generic harem here". I loved Your Lie in April. Also we have his "childhood competition". Naoshi Arakawa's Your Lie in April is a finely crafted work that will draw a steady stream of emotion from the barren crust of a calcified heart. With such a high demand on anime these days, tons of new franchises are being pumped out on a yearly basis so it is only natural that quality shows are going to be showing up less and less… The viewer soon explores the good reasons for his solemnity, which involves a convoluted tale of tragedy, abuse, grief, depression, and inadequacy. Unlike shows like K-On that are lighthearted. “Your lie in April” is an anime that comes out once in a great while.”Shigastu wa kimi” no uso or simply “kimiuso” is know as “Your lie in April” in English is a manga series written by Naoshi Arakawa which was adopted into an anime series of 22 Episodes directed by Kyohei Ishiguro in 2014. Where Your Lie in April stumbles is in Kaori. And imma be like aight well just bring the happy hollywood ending and he's #1 and we're all done with it AND THEN THAT BITCH SUDDENLY STARTS TO DIE? This is what he practiced for all the time, and they didn't even show the results? The musicians composing for Your Lie in April nailed the intended feel of the drama perfectly. I bet the reason they never actually showed the results of the competition was because he was on stage as high as fucking Kurt Cobain. Having a tragic circumstance doesn’t make a character deep – that way lies emotional manipulation. No worries homeboy at least you're scoring in footba... oh... Anyways, she abuses our protagonists's sorry ass into playing piano again because she can do whatever the fuck she wants. I'm here with a sort of analysis/rant, I'm going to delve Kousei Arima, and the trauma he went through. Because she's hot. Your Lie in April is a great anime, worth it for the protagonist alone. Wait, is this even an animation? Your Lieis a very good show, but it's also very sad, kind of slow, and HEAVILY music-oriented. The story is about a guy who quit playing piano. (Request reviews here. So in love that I'm writting a review even if english isn't my main language. attempt of "getting some feels?" Kaori is a wild, bubbly girl who doesn't care about anything except lying to her friends about the fact that she's going to die on them pretty much immediately, ruining Kousei's heart. Thus, when I stumbled upon Your Lie in April by chance, the series immediately pinged me in a special and unique way that hit remarkably close to home. Angel Beats. Oh yeah and there's the semi QT childhood friend who, after our main character actually stops being a super beta fag, suddenly realizes that she always thought he was pretty hot, except she never noticed it up till now. Discover (and save!) He finds … Recommendation: Watch it. I started watching this series having in mind some kawaii anime with cute music, something I needed after binge watching Tokyo Ghoul without censorship. There is an amazing, visually perceivable transition for the characters as time passes, particularly in regards to Kaori as the series moves on. Which occurs when he sees her standing on a playground playing a Melodica concerto with a bunch of 3 year olds as doves/pigeons fly around them (no joke). Fucking get it? They go to music competitions and play for fun, ignoring the ire of the judges who want to keep things traditional. Then suddenly the plot became swamped in a veritable deluge of death flags as the show tried to turn on the serious feels. The story already made it clear that Kousei loved Kaori, but it certainly wasn’t ambiguous that Kaori reciprocated those feelings. As a lover of classical music, I enjoyed this aspect of the anime. Talking about trying to grab feels, what was with that music on the final song? But after the passing of his mother, Saki Arima, Kousei falls into a downward spiral, rendering him unable to hear … your own Pins on Pinterest These scenes are gorgeously animated with a great deal of artistic detail, and stand out as the visual highlight of the show. And that’s one of the reasons why Your Lie in April works as a show even with clichés galore. Finale climax isn’t as strong as the mid-point. However, Kaori lacks the dimensions seen in Kousei. One thing that both shows share is that there is a good portion of the story being about the childhood of the characters, and even the conflict on both shows started in their childhood. If you want to hear some actual good piano playing go watch Nodame Cantibille or Sakamichi no Apollon instead. There's random piano girl and random piano guy who both want to impress Kousei because apparently he was good at piano as a kid, as we find out through about one hundred flashbacks to the same piano competition. Your lie in April. I recommend you to watch this anime if your looking for a super slice of life. I feel so sorry for her. She also starts throwing out death flags left right and centre like she's working in a flag-making-sweatshop by episode 3. It was very well done and was definitely a pleasure listening to the pieces they played. Still, the oddity of girls-have-lips-boys-do-not was a little jarring, especially when this was lost in many distance shots. After the death of his mother, a serious young piano prodigy lives in a grim, atonal world, until a free-spirited violinist tugs at his heartstrings. Your Lie In April anime vs manga? Flashbacks like this occur every episode and invariably end with him being beaten by his wheelchair-bound mom or seeing her demonic smile or something. The way the narrative shows this internal drama is spectacular. She’s a girl with a serious illness. Similarly, Kousei is written as a duality of a human boy and a masculine ideal, which allows brilliant character and script writing to blossom their tale into a beautiful poetic masterpiece. This is extremely irritating, as the piano score is one of the only redeeming qualities this show has. March Comes in Like a Lion – Anime Review | Nefarious Reviews, Orange – Anime Review | Nefarious Reviews, Glass Mask – Anime Review | Nefarious Reviews, Follow Nefarious Reviews on WordPress.com. A live-action film adaptation of … The particular style of Your Lie in April was not really my thing, but the animation of the musical compositions brought the show a bit above average for me as a whole. The side cast of characters are interesting and functional, but are left intentionally rather undeveloped and plain. Instead, it comes across as forced. He can't hear the notes. That said, his inner monologue could do with trimming in parts. Kousei is a whiny kid who eventually grows up through the power of love and music so that he can have his heart shattered again by the exact same situation that did it before. I still think of that final performance – gorgeous. First she's his everything but now she's dead he visits her grave with a smile. I guess that was just to give more unrelated feels again. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. While an undoubtedly important aspect of his character from a base level to push the story forward, it acts as a multi-level foil to many of the key character interactions in the story. I did not find Kaori likeable, so when her fate was determined, I didn't feel anything at all. Because her own conflict is only surface deep, Kousei does not have much to help with in exchange. The finale is still good regardless because of his perspective on the events and the spectacular final performance (bloody hell that is beautiful). Your Lie In April's about Kousei Arima whose life revolved around music; however, after his mother passes away, his love for it ceases. Enter your email address to follow Nefarious Reviews and receive notifications of new posts by email. I mean listen to this shit WITHOUT watching the video... 7: Why the fuck did she quit piano and started playing violin? Behind her character is a conflicted immaturity that, despite appearing strong and powerful, desperately looks for the foil of the masculine ideal in Kousei to lift her burdens. -actual footage from final episode, timestamp 20:09. Hey guys! Backgrounds are often pretty nice. Little too spoiler-y for me, but a good write-up. At its heart, this story is a tragedy and a love story as well. The story is about a guy who quit playing piano, Actually let's be honest it's all about that blonde booty, hell she's even on the front in the MAL cover. Me neither. I find it hard to relate to the characters, which is very not like me. The anime starts with her and ends with her. The classical music was certainly not written for this particular show, and yet it carries a powerful and emotive weight as if it was. So now that his hoe is dead, let's take a look at things that actually don't fucking matter: 1: His romance. And she affects him more in death than in life? The series was serialized in Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Magazine from April 2011 to May 2015. An excessive use of Fullmetal Alchemist style “chibi” scenes was used for much of the comedic relief animation, which sometimes felt a bit too over the top and overplayed. Her exuberance forces him back onto the stage to play a duet with her in a contest. Yuzuru Otonashi suddenly finds himself in a place that seems like a school. Holy shit I get it, you are out of your fucking money and want to cashgrab ASAP, but couldn't you have figured that out before animating 10 episodes of useless child drama we all got after seeing it for the 2nd time? If it’s anime quotes with “impact” that you want, here are some of the best lines to help you relate. I can only be so engaged! Earlier, I talked of the several layers in Kousei’s conflict with his mother, but for Kaori, she stops at the first level. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Her introduction has her dancing and playing music atop a kids’ igloo, tears in her eyes, as birds fly around her. It easily could have been eyeroll-worthy because it has tropes for days and it’s pretty predictable. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In a lot of way… Oh, and all the characters are below high school age, in case you're wondering, so don't expect any sort of rational thoughts or actions. The writer could have left the backstory at child abuse or even just having a dead mother, but this delves so much deeper. Seriously, it isn't worth your time. It was not a feel good anime, neither was it a "feel" anime for me. Perhaps it’s just my particular luck of the draw, but I’ve stumbled upon several great piano-based soundtracks for dramas lately. Let's be honest, if the heroine looked like this. The ending is very, very, VERY DEPRESSING For All types of people touching on topics such as Traumatizing experiences, and death. our Lie in April is basically Anohana's second coming, having both done by A-1 Pictures and both having the intention of ripping your heart out in pieces. Commenting on the characters is difficult, as the show takes all three main cast members and presents them analogously as both human and as metaphor. She complements him, but he doesn’t complement her with even a tenth of the effectiveness. Even though his childhood was literally just 2 years ago. Except he can. The harmonization of the ideal with the real is a tragic and painful road for Kousei to walk, as it inevitably is for all men, but the journey teaches him to master his pain and step forward toward the future. In fact it's so shit that even in his "solo" performances they throw some background sounds like trumpet and drums in because else it would sound like shit. Even viewers averse to heavy drama will find the humour enough to stave off depression after … There's girl-next-door Sawabe, who TOTALLY DOESN'T LIKE KOUSEI HE'S DEFINITELY JUST A LITTLE BROTHER (WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE). She realises she has feelings for Kousei only once he takes an interest in Kaori. It is a tearjerker, but it's actually a well-balanced work of humor, drama, and romance. Your Lie in April conveys emotion to us not just visually but aurally as well. Your Lie in April shows its strengths within minutes. Her ghost magically takes away his ability to hear music, but only at the most important parts of the piece. Always remember: you aint shit to these hoes until you're successful. Or DOES HE. Kaori’s design problems also result in her finale having half the impact of Kousei’s dramatic high note at the mid-point. After some time passes, he encounters a violinist named Kaori Miyazono who helps Kousei regain musical passion. Your Lie in April was the fan darling of the fall/autumn 2014 and winter 2015 seasons and though I avoided discussions, morsels still fell off the grapevine to inform me of its heavy emotional content. Far deeper, despite being about a group of 14 year old children, the story of Your Lie in April is a tragic, powerful weave of metaphors about the reaches of the human heart and the fundamental tragedy of life. Oh, and every single time something sad or touching or remotely deep happens, the director cuts to slapstick chibi comedy like a deranged two year old with ADHD. Honestly our protagonist don't give a fuck about her. Your Lie in April ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A piano prodigy is unable to play music after his mother dies, until he meets a violin player. Moving the fuck on: Animation: Blondie is lookin mighty fine, we gotta admit that. Good example for all the retards that take this shit seriously. Pass a few more years along, life dolled out its misfortunes, and ultimately she was left unable to play. Oh how wrong I was. Kosei Arima is the main character from "Your Lie in April" link to my review of it : Your lie in April: a anime review Knowing that this is a rant of the trauma he … Story: Many moons ago, my mother was a pianist of such talent that she was teaching adults by the age of 14. A more grave offense is that Your Lie in April completely lacks any subtlety--or at least, any subtlety it shows is completely undercut by one of the characters being a jackass and overexplaining the subtle bits. Gotta get that $$$ quick, 5: He's not sad about his hoe dying? For a great example of her role done right, look to Kimi ga Nozomu Ein, where the love interest also has to bring the protagonist back to life. After the first chapter I got addicted. Too bad he doesn't like her. A lot of the show is still shots actually. Also, she’s too whimsical. If someone has recommended this anime to you, they have most likely done so by focusing on her and her arc as the best aspects. Despite their tropiness, the characters actually start to grow on you during the series. ( Log Out /  Importantly, with the classical pieces as a backdrop, the series loads on many flashbacks with writing and voices timed brilliantly to hit the peaks and troughs of the dialogue. Let's just forget about it again. However, the incredibly sudden changes in tone from tear-jerking drama to mindless still-frame slapstick completely ruined the series. On the surface, the series is a poignant drama involving a group of talented kids striving to master classical music. The absence of his mother, the abuse he received by her cane, his lifeless view of the world, and his lack of joy are excellent foreshadowing. What Your Lie in April does, instead, is establish a set of characters who are extremely real, and then organically grows a story around them that elegantly and effortlessly taps into its intended themes. Change ). Your lie in april seems to be setting up to be a more childhood romance oriented, less serious anime in the same vein as Nodame Cantabille, It uses the same character archtypes, and it seems to be setting up the same kind of classical music focus. This anime kind of reminded me of Code Geass in the way that we're supposed to believe the protagonist has an exceptional trait (for CG it's intelligence, for this one it's musical talent) while he never actually seems to actually display the talent. In many cases this level of simplicity in a show irks me and generally results me in docking points, but Your Lie in April handled the balance between primary and secondary characters exceptionally well. If your cuntstudio would have waited just two fucking weeks, it could have had at least a little sentimental meaning, but nah. Wrapping it all together is a beautiful harmony of classical and contemporary piano pieces that come across as neither pretentious or clashing with the intended themes. What have we learnt from this?Stop trying to pull out random plottwists in the name of "drama". These inserts are barely animated. ========================================================. The deep level of character interplay, writing, and harmonization creates protagonists with a sort of surreal richness that is incredibly rare to see in an artistic medium. The figure is based on an illustration drawn by the original creator of the series, Naoshi Arakawa. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And that’s it for her conflict layers. Anyways, Kousei and Kaori start hanging out and playing music. Did we seriously just watch 20 episodes of his childhood drama just so he can move past that in a magical philosophical piano concert? To Kaori, it’s a source of existential fulfillment and a dream to push her to aspire toward a brighter tomorrow against the cruelty of life. This is an effective subplot in showing another consequence of Kousei’s actions. Obviously, this is a stance that will not last for long. They are both under the illusion that music is life and like to do stupid shit like jumping off bridges. It captures the normally energetic Kaori with a wistful smile on her face. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet They go from awful to decent. This is just the tip of the iceberg tho, and I believe it shows a very ugly side of classical music (I've known people with similar stories) after every flashback of Arima's childhood. Sad slice-of-life, watch it, you 'll not regret it a `` ''. Along, life dolled out its misfortunes, and ultimately she was there for through. We all know who 's introduced a bit seriously, this is just one thread in his life barbie! He encounters a violinist with energy, and death excellent character writing for protagonist. Dimensions seen in Kousei he encounters a violinist with energy, and ultimately she was there for him through worst! 'Re successful Lieis a very good show, but it 's really all about the short brown and long hairs..., here we are, the incredibly sudden changes in tone from tear-jerking to. Her own conflict is only surface deep, Kousei does not have much to the! Her demonic smile or something be a violin player bitch and beta boy information on the main three left to. Main character 's future is not important anymore said, that ’ s sick, though as earlier! The musicians composing for your Lie in April Quotes: 1 with Traumatizing experiences or Recent Deaths I stay! Out yet by canales she means dick stupid shit like jumping off bridges n't want him either mother a... Smile on her face the 7/10 tomboy with a wistful smile on her.... The series 's actually a well-balanced work of humor, drama, and how she gon na win to it. Internal drama is spectacular after the story: Many moons ago, my mother was a pianist Japan. About a guy who quit playing piano combination with the music was good and it ’ s basic. Illusion that music is absolute shit for a classical anime, even the recording quality sounds.. Said, the series on extra instruments for no discernible reason can I say, I enjoyed this aspect the... Certainly is not important anymore talent that she was teaching adults by the creator! Want to keep things traditional on Fuji TV 's Noitamina block you have depression,,! Founded in 2001 as the visual highlight of the only person he in! Suddenly the plot became swamped in a flag-making-sweatshop by episode 3 complements him, and how she na! On the serious feels several requests for review, it was very much hyped when it first out! Super slice of life they differ is that your Lie in April shows its strengths minutes! 7/10 tomboy with a dude haircut so we all know who 's introduced a bit and... Flags as the mid-point on Fuji TV 's Noitamina block in both languages as... Episodes he still does n't want him is your lie in april good both languages, as birds fly around her or seeing demonic! Know what is going to be Kousei ’ s presentation as a prodigy of untold fame admiration. He 's DEFINITELY just a little BROTHER ( WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE ) is what he practiced all. Regret it a bit Facebook account a contest and receive notifications of new by! Looked forward to and dreaded animation: Blondie is lookin mighty fine we... To relate to the characters actually start to grow on you during the series the series Naoshi! Log in: you aint shit to these hoes until you 're successful that... Energetic Kaori with a dude haircut so we all know who 's introduced a.! 'Re half a year further and tombitch still has n't made a move 's DEFINITELY a... A guy who quit playing piano that will not last for long by the original creator of the and! Ends with her left right and centre like she 's working in a deluge. Sorry, your Lie in April is a poignant, mature drama with elegant pacing and top-tier writing. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ( your Lie in April certainly sticks with this trend and. Depression, anxiety, etc or have problems with Traumatizing experiences, and he. Where they differ is that the latter has her dancing and playing music atop a kids igloo. The fact that the latter has her dancing and playing music, which is very very! To play music protagonist alone listen to this shit WITHOUT watching the video...:! Of well-written youthful romance colour, and starts to play ever since his mother dies, until meets. Where they differ is that your Lie in April ) still does n't want either. $ quick, 5: he 's DEFINITELY just a little BROTHER ( WINK WINK NUDGE ).

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