Happy New Year!  Hope you had restful breaks.

Our New Website

We are pleased to let you know we now have a new website where we will be posting our updates from now on.

You can access it here: https://communitylibrariesnetwork.org.

The website reflects our new brand and we will be sharing our vision for the Network and our range of services over the next few months.

When you visit the new site, please use the opportunity to sign up to the Network’s Newsletter if you are not already subscribed.

Blog Site

We will maintain this site for our archived stories but all new content will be on the new website.

Please share your journey, stories, learning and resources 

We would like to feature stories, learning and resources from CMLs across the country.

We welcome case studies or blogs about your libraries, volunteers, new ventures, projects you are working on/have completed, the learning and impact. This can be very helpful to other CMLs who may be thinking of or involved in similar activities.

Similarly if you have developed any useful resources which you feel will be of benefit to other CMLs please do share them with us by emailing communitylibs@unlt.org

Funding Opportunity

A €50,000 challenge prize funded by the *AAL Programme is looking for solutions that support, empower and inspire older adults to engage in entrepreneurship. See below for the link to this opportunity: https://www.nesta.org.uk/project/smart-ageing-prize/?utm_source=Nesta+Weekly+Newsletter&utm_campaign=483c5faef0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_07_08_40&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d17364114d-483c5faef0-182245747

*AAL is a European programme funding innovation that keeps us connected, healthy, active and happy into our old age.

Thank you and wishing you an excellent 2020.