On 2nd July 2019, Newcastle University is hosting a one-day event on the theme of The Future of Civic Culture in the UK. Contributors to the day include academics working across the libraries/museums/parks sector, as well as representatives from Libraries Connected, Parks Alliance and the English Civic Museums Network (plus many more!).

Join colleagues for a day of discussion about the way that the ‘civic purpose’ of contemporary public cultural organisations have changed since austerity. Organisations from across the museums/libraries/parks/heritage sector will discuss the way that austerity has re-shaped their civic purpose and questions will be asked about the impact that this has on wider issues of equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice. What, we ask, is the future of civic culture in the UK?

The team are currently looking into trying to create some bursaries to pay for delegate travel particularly for those whose organisations do not have the budget for this kind of event. We are waiting to hear back from our finance team about whether or not this is possible. If there are people who are interested in attending but who do not have the budget, please contact katie.Markham@newcastle.ac.uk.

Link to the Evenbrite page, where you can register for this event is below. Registration is free, but places are limited so be sure to register for yours early!


The Future of Civic Culture in the UK?

Tuesday July 2nd 2019


Venue: Kings Hall, Newcastle University