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Choose from a variety of A4 poster templates.

Download and edit to meet your organisational needs.

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Edit your own posters FAQs


● What software will I need?

We upload templates as pdfs.
To edit them you will need Acrobat Pro (available for c£20 via Charity Digital).

● What fonts will I need?

The templates use the standard MS Office fonts, plus a couple of headline fonts downloaded from Google Fonts (free).

● Is there a support line?

We don’t have a support line, but put your question in an email and send it to and we will do our best to answer it.

● Must we insert our library’s contact details every time? 

You don’t have to. All our posters reserve a space 70mm x 190mm for your contact details. We recommend that you create a document the same size (using OfficeLibre Draw / MSWord / MS Publisher etc} and create your own master address panel, including your logo.
Once you have saved it for future editing, export it as a pdf.
Open the pdf in an image program such as Paint, Snipping Tool, PhotoShop or Gimp and save it in a picture format such as Jpeg. Insert the Jpeg as an image in the space on the template (once you’ve deleted the placeholder text).

● May we insert other images into these templates?

Of course, but please ensure you do not breach copyright.

● How can we circulate our finished poster?

Save it as a pdf, then you may print it out and attach it to emails, Tweets, etc.

● May we produce our own posters?

Of course. We recommend using LibreOffice Draw (which is a free download) or MS Publisher.

If you are happy to share your design with other members, email it to


don’t put too much information on any poster;

don’t use too many different colours or fonts;

avoid background images or colours that obscure the text;

remember to leave sufficient margins for printing;

ask someone else to check it for sense and typos.

● This all sounds rather daunting

One of your library volunteers may be willing to step forward if this is outside your skill set.