Looking to get your charity’s message out there? Want to tell the World about what you’re doing and how they can help, but the marketing and promotion is overwhelming you a bit?
Perhaps you’ve been struggling for a while and need some new ideas? Or maybe you’re new in post at your charity and are looking for a place to start and proceed with your promotional plans?
If you’ve ever struggled coming up with charity campaign ideas, or you feel like you’re just rehashing the same ideas again and again, this workshop is for you!

Third Sector Network are delighted to offer this workshop all about how to successfully market your non-profit with original ideas and engaging campaigns. With a duel focus on how to approach marketing a charity as a whole and what to consider in regards marketing content, the workshop gives you a better understanding of how charities can understand their audience better and compliments that with a rage of practical options you can start using immediately, on any budget.

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