Happy New Year! We hope you all had an enjoyable and restful break.

The Network have been working behind the scenes to revamp the support and activities we offer to CMLs.

Once becoming a registered charity in 2019

  • we now have a formal Board with representatives from 7 community managed libraries, supported by the Libraries Taskforce, Libraries Connected and Anthony Gold Solicitors.
  • created a new website and social media accounts

We are working very hard to

  • establish a dedicated team to drive the Network forward
  • create a formal membership programme
  • develop a forum for shared learning, advice and support
  • build a library of useful tools and resources
  • set up an annual programme of learning and network events which includes a national conference
  • share sector news and debates

Can you share a Blog or Resources?

Would you like to share your story and journey with us?

We welcome stories and learning from community managed libraries at different stages of their journey.

We are very keen to feature at least one community managed library each month, sharing pictures, stories, learning and experiences.  The information you offer may be of particular relevance and benefit to communities/community managed libraries who are at the start of their journey. If you wish to contribute a blog or share some of your resources please contact info@communitylibrariesnetwork.org.

It has taken us a while to get here, but we hope we can harness your collective expertise, input and support to build a viable, sustainable and successful Network for community managed libraries