Community Libraries Network welcomes you to the first regional mini-conference of 2023, taking place in Ealing, London.

The mini-conference format is designed to encourage intimate discussion and networking, reduce the need for extended travel and showcase a small yet well-formed Community Library.


We will be joined by Isobel Hunter (Chief Executive of Libraries Connected) and Nicola & Roberta (Tech Champions for Social Media & Digital Accessibility at Digital Culture Network).

Lara Marshall from RNIB will also be providing some information and resources on accessibility in libraries.

Clinic Stalls: There will be opportunities throughout the day to speak to Nicola & Roberta to discuss your needs around digital, social media and accessibility.

Workshops: All delegates will be able to participate in both workshop sessions during the morning.

There will also be extra information and features celebrating community managed libraries and the wider libraries sector.

We will be scheduling mini-conferences and events in other regions of England & Wales for those wishing to attend from outside of London & the South-East, however, this event is open to delegates from across the country.


You can find the agenda and FAQ on the event page, but for any other queries regarding this event please contact

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