84% of attendees feel more confident about their volunteering role after attending this training!

This two and a half hour session provides many benefits to anyone volunteering to host welcoming spaces for the public. This might include cafe drop-ins, Foodbanks, Warm Welcome spaces, lunch clubs, Places of Welcome, Community Libraries, Men’s Sheds or any other community initiatives.

Benefits of the training to volunteers include:

  • Improves confidence in your volunteering role
  • Enables you to recognise skills you already have, and how to apply them in your volunteer role
  • Equips you with new knowledge and skills (that you can use in other situations as well as your volunteer role)
  • Provides reassurance that you are prepared to deal with a wider range of circumstances
  • Highlights some unhelpful things most of us tend to do in conversation, and how to avoid them
  • Aids in avoidance of embarrassing or awkward situations- Reduces personal risk
  • Enables you to see enhanced benefit to your guests/service users, and to know you have made a difference

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