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    John PageJohn Page

    In 2018 Derby City Council handed over ten city libraries to community management with a local charity, Direct Help and Advice (DHA), entering into a contract with the Council to recruit and organise the volunteers to run the libraries with the support of the Council.

    Individual libraries each have a Steering Group to help with fundraising, events and improvements.

    To overcome constant problems caused by lack of understanding of the roles of each of the parties, that is, the Council, DHA and the volunteers, we wish to establish a statement of organisational structure which will set out the responsibilities and authority of each of the parties.  For example, who is responsible for each of the following items:

    • Building repairs and maintenance
    • Day-to-day running expenses
    • Building and equipment capital expenditure
    • Provision of stock
    • Handling of donations

    Of course, there are many more to consider.

    Does anyone have a draft document that we could use as a starting point for negotiating an agreement between the parties?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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