Network Meeting - June/July 2023

June is a busy month for conferences and events! So we will be holding the next Network Meeting in the first week of July:
Thursday 6th July @ 11:00am.


This is an opportunity for you to present topics, learning or issues of interest or concern for members to share, discuss or learn from.

In this meeting, we will be covering:

  • Introductions
  • Feature
  • Network Updates
  • CML Feature
  • Discussion Groups

If there are any other topics which you would like to be covered, please email

London Mini-Conference - 30th June 2023

Community Libraries Network welcomes you to the first regional mini-conference of 2023, taking place in Ealing, London.

The mini-conference format is designed to encourage intimate discussion and networking, reduce the need for extended travel and showcase a small yet well-formed Community Library.

You can find the agenda and FAQ on the ticket website, but for any other queries regarding this event please contact


Data First Aid

Data First Aid

Struggling to make your volunteer or budgeting spreadsheets do what you want them to? Need an expert to look at demographic data or analyse the need of your service users? Know you have great data but not sure how to make it visually appealing or tell the right story?...

Libraries & Homelessness

Libraries & Homelessness

This webinar highlighted some of the innovative work being done within libraries to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of people experiencing homelessness. London Libraries members reflected on their pioneering homelessness training programme. Representatives...