Round 4 is the final round of the fund. There will be 2 more bidding windows to allocate the remaining funding. Round 4 Window 1 is now open and will close on 10 April 2024.​

Round 4 Window 2 will open in late May. Specific timings for the final window will be published in due course. With approximately £47 million left in the funding pot and the likelihood of increasing competition, you are encouraged to apply as soon as you are ready.​

Groups must submit a new-style EOI to apply.

Purpose: Apply for funding to take ownership of assets at risk of loss in your community
Type of fund: Competitive
Who can apply: Incorporated voluntary and community organisations, and parish, town and community councils (depending on eligibility requirements)
Capital funding available: Up to £2 million for all asset types, but we expect that most awards will be for up to £250,000 of capital funding.
Revenue funding available: No more than £50,000 or 20% of the total capital funding applied for, whichever is smaller. We encourage all groups to apply for revenue funding, as all projects will incur initial running costs.


  • support community groups to take ownership of assets which are at risk of being lost to the community
  • support community groups where the asset is already in community ownership but needs essential renovations to be sustainable for the long-term benefit of the community
  • strengthen community ownership across the UK
  • strengthen the social infrastructure that helps communities to thrive

Key dates to note:

  • Expression of Interest stage – always open
  • Round 4 Window 1 is open from 25 March 2024 to 10 April 2024
  • Round 4 Window 2 will open in late May
  • Specific timings for the final window will be published in due course
  • Applications must be submitted by 2pm on the bidding window’s closing date

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