Exciting news for the Cobbett Road Community Library in Southampton, which has been closed since the start of 2021!    Awaaz Community Radio, supported by their sister station Fiesta FM, have been given a 5 year lease to run the “Cobbett Road Hub”, and will be reopening the library with the support of the Friends of Cobbett Road Library.

We met recently with Ali from Awaaz Radio, who told us that they are extremely happy to be starting this new venture with the support of the Friends and local community.   Southampton City Council will continue to provide bookstock and IT, and will help to train the volunteers to support the reopening of the library. The library will be smaller than before, but with lots of donations arriving from the community already, that might be likely to change!

The radio stations will be consulting with the community about suitable opening hours, and also have lots of ideas about activities for the centre. They are not planning to move the radio station into the centre, but are hoping to create a podcasting studio, giving community members the opportunity to broadcast on the radio, and to volunteer with the two radio stations.

The Council have expressed their thanks to the Friends of Cobbett Road Library for their continued support and campaigning to keep the library as a community space.

We look forward to following their progress in the coming weeks and months.

For more information on Cobbett Road Library, please contact Jane Swindall: jane.swindall@communitylibrariesnetwork.org.