Digital Inclusion Working Group

The group have so far received 33 responses to the survey asking CMLs what kind of digital support they already provide and what they would like to learn more about. You can still provide your response by going to our Google form. We have received some brilliant ideas and will be developing some “How To” sheets and training modules. A few subjects have proved to be popular such as learning how to use assistive software and online safety.

A forum has also been set up on our website so that community libraries can ask for help and share ideas and you can reach this here. The Working group will be meeting again 4th April 2024.

To comment or get involved, please get in touch with Jane Swindall.

Social Prescribing Working Group

The group met very recently and we had some fantastic discussions about the various models of Social Prescribing in different areas. We will soon be sending out a Google survey to all community libraries to find out more about the experiences in your area. It may be that you do this very informally, such as running coffee mornings and book clubs which bring people together and reduce isolation, or you may have a formal model where you take referrals from Social Prescribers for specific activities that promote wellbeing.

Again a forum has been set up on our website here where you can ask questions or share ideas about Social Prescribing in your area and we would love to hear from you.

To comment or get involved, please get in touch with Jane Swindall.